Impression Trays

Impression trays are dental instruments which are used to hold the Impression material in place to take a Impression of the tissue surfaces in the oral cavity, the impression trays are mainly used in Prosthodontics and used in Orthodontics to take impression of the Dentulous teeth.

[GPT Definition] “The Impression trays are also defined as a device which is used to carry, confine and control an impression material while making an impression”

Impression trays are used in conjunction with various types of materials to take imprints
of the patient’s dentition. The type of tray chosen depends on the type of impression
needed and the procedure that is indicated.

In the above picture we can see the different types of Trays available Edentulous, Dentulous, Perforated, Non Perforated. . etc, there are different types of Impression trays which i will discuss in the upcoming posts.

Features of Impression Trays:

  • Used to hold impression material for taking the Impression.
  • Can be perforated for better retention of the Impression material.
  • Have a handle for better grasp during placement and removal.
  • Dentate impression trays – for patients with teeth.
  • Edentulous impression trays – for patients with no teeth.
  • Special Trays are made for suiting the particular patient.
  • Special trays are used for taking Secondary Impression.
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