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Biological Principles of Tooth or Cavity Preparation

Biological Principles of Tooth Preparation help in preserving the health and integrity of the remaining tooth structure, where the Principles of Tooth Preparation deal with obtaining the proper shape, retention, resistance form of the cavity for restoration. The main principles of cavity preparation are ...Read More

Toilet of the cavity

TOILET OF THE CAVITY: This is the act of freeing the preparation walls and margins from objects that may interfere with proper adaptability and behavior of the restorative material. It comes under Coronal Cavity preparation principles which include other principles like – Outline form, ...Read More

Finishing of the Cavity walls

FINISHING OF THE CAVITY WALLS: It is the further development, when indicated, of a specific cavosurface design and degree of smoothness that produces the maximum effectiveness of the restorative material being used. OBJECTIVES: To create the best marginal seal possible between the restorative material ...Read More

PULP PROTECTION in Cavity Preparation

PULP PROTECTION: It is the process of protecting the pulp from external irritants (Thermal, chemical and physical) using materials sucha s Cavity Bases, Liners. This step is very important in teeth with deep dental caries which extend into the dentis close to the pulp. ...Read More

Removal of Remaining Carious Dentin or Old Restoration

REMOVAL OF REMAINING CARIOUS DENTIN OR OLD RESTORATIONS: It is the elimination of any infected carious tooth structure or faulty restorations left in the tooth after initial cavity preparation. Caries left in the pulpal/ axial floor is excavated thoroughly making the cavity deeper. 0.75- ...Read More

Convenience Form in Cavity Preparation

CONVENIENCE FORM Definition: Convenience form is defined as that form of cavity preparation that allows adequate observation, accessibility and case of operation in preparing and restoring the cavity. Modification in tooth preparation for convenience form: Occlusal step in classII. Labial/lingual access for classIII/classIV. Occlusal ...Read More

Steps to obtain proper Retention form in Cavity Preparation

RETENTION FORM: Retention form is that form of cavity that best permits the restoration to resist displacement through tipping or lifting forces, especially masticatory loading. PRINCIPAL MEANS OF GAINING RETENTION: Inverted truncated cones or undercuts. Dovetail. Elastic deformation of dentin e.g. gold foil. Friction ...Read More

Cavity Preparation in Dentistry

Definition of Cavity Preparation: The orderly operating procedure required to remove diseased tissue and establish in a tooth the biomechanically acceptable form necessary to receive and retain a restoration. (Boucher’s Clinical Dental Terminology): An operation in which carious material is removed from teeth and biomechanically ...Read More