Mandibular arch Archive

Dental Arches

I – Maxillary dental arch II – Mandibular Dental Arch Dental Arches: The bones, soft tissue aggregates in our oral cavity which form an arc like form to support the teeth of our oral cavity.  Mouth is divided into 2 Arches Mandibular & Maxillary arches. Maxillary dental arch: The bigger arch of the 2 arches, it bears 16 teeth [&hellip

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Definitions – Bacteria, Plaque and Arches

1) Commensal bacteria : It is the mutual relationship between organisms of 2 different species in which one organism is slightly benefited and the other is not affected by the others presence . The 2 organisms can be divided as Host and the other is the commensal as they stay in the body of the [&hellip

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