How to Clean Dentures and Retainers properly and Safely

Almost every other person at some point of time in their lives will be either using a Denture or Retainer either by themselves or in their family. One thing which is important to note with either Retainers or Dentures is that they are always removable and need to be removed from the ...Read More

Types of Finger Rests and Fulcrum in Dentistry For Maxillary and Mandibular Teeth

Finger Rests are a very important part in Dentistry, for every treatment which includes right from oral examination to other treatments like Scaling, Extraction, finger rests while performing Root Canal treatment which are usually time taking and without proper finger rests there will be excess strain on the dentist. To get the ...Read More

Irwin Smigel founder of laser whitening and Bonding dies at age 92

Dr. Irwin Elliot Smigel is a well known name in the Dental fraternity for his contibutions to popularising two of the most important techniques in Dental Cosmetic or Aesthetics treatment – Laser Teeth Whitening and Bonding technique using laminates, Veneers etc. He has some famous patients has well like Elizabeth Taylor, Tony ...Read More

List of Dental Treatments which require Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Dental Treatments are usually divided into two types, one which are done to cure or prevent any infection such as periapical infection and the other type being cosmetic which are done to enhance the appearance of the teeth like Bleaching, Composite restorations, dental crowns etc. So the first kind of treatments usually ...Read More

Dentist Eyes Record books with “10,000 extracted teeth”collection

Extraction is a pretty common procedure we all follow in our Dental clinics, although preserving teeth is being given the utmost important these days.  We all preserve the extracted teeth and either practice on them or give it to students,  Dr. Nizar Rahman thinks differently and has started collecting all the teeth ...Read More

Hepatitis C Infection increases the risk of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer cases are on the rise and based on a research published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute, patients who are infected with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) are twice as likely to face Oral cancer in the mouth or the oropharynx. Hepatitis C Virus can be contracted through infected ...Read More

Radiation Mucositis – Causes, Clinical Features and Treatment

Radiation Mucositis is one of the most common side effects or complications resulting from radiation treatment in Head and Neck cancers. It results form Ionizing radiation induced cellular damage in basal epithelial cells of the oropharynx. The result is mucosal thinning and ulceration with susceptibility to infection. The condition can be diffusely ...Read More

Anaesthetic Necrosis – Causes, Clinical Features and Treatment

Administration of local anaesthesia is a very common practice in a dental clinic included in every other treatment and with such a common practice there are chances of things going wrong or complications taking place. One such complication is – Necrosis of the soft tissue at the site of injection called as ...Read More

Dentist Sued $675,000 for dropping a Dental File down the patients throat

An elderly man from Illinois, Hoffman Estates who had undergone a Root canal procedure back in 2014 in Des Plaines has sued the dentist for leaving behind a Dental File which had slipped down his throat into his stomach. The patient Kanusz Pawlowicz, said, “(I saw her) looking around me, looking at my ...Read More

Nicotine Stomatitis – Clinical, Histological Features and Treatment

Nicotine Stomatitis is a pathological change in mucosa of the Oral cavity caused due to cigar or pipe smoking which was very common in earlier days but has decreased in incidence with cigarette smoking. In Nicotine Stomatitis there is hyperkeratotic change in the oral mucosa caused due to heat produced from smoking ...Read More

Chemicals in Packaged Food found to be dangerous to Children’s Teeth

Packaged food has been around from quite sometime and it we can be sure that there are chemicals which are used to keep the food last longer. Recent studies by Dr. Katia Jedeon of French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and colleagues have found two chemicals used in food ...Read More

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization – Clinical features, Etiology and Management

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization or MIH is a developmental condition seen in children presenting as enamel defects in the permanent incisors and the first permanent molars with eruption of these teeth. It is reported in – by Nishita Garg. It is an irreversible condition as the enamel once deformed cannot be healed ...Read More

Advantages and Limitations of Removable Orthodontic Appliances

Removable Orthodontic Appliances are used in correction of Malocclusion cases which are mild as the amount of force exerted by the appliances are not heavy and not constant as seen in Fixed Braces. So an Orthodontist plans for Removable Orthodontic appliances in selected cases and it comes with many limitations which have ...Read More

Effects of E-cigarettes on Oral cavity are alarming

Smoking e-cigarettes is thought of as a safer alternative to tobacco but recent studies suggest that it does a lot of harm to oral cavity than what was expected. E-cigarettes have been useful in countering the effects of tobacco in many smokers but with recent studies showing many toxic substances and nanoparticles in ...Read More