Oral-B Genius X Electric ToothBrush learns users Brushing style and pattern using AI

Artificial Intelligence has been the go to term for all companies dealing in any kind of smart devices ranging from TV’s, Washing machines, Refrigerators etc and Oral-B has made sure that they are not let behind and have showcased the Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush which comes with AI technology. Oral-B has ...Read More

Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique

Posterior Superior Nerve Block is used to block or Anesthetize the Posterior Superior alveolar Nerve which will anesthetize the Maxillary Molars except the Mesio-Buccal root of First Maxillary Molar which is supplied by the Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve. Posterior Superior Nerve Block the LA agent is deposited in proximity to the Anatomical ...Read More

Deciduous Teeth

Deciduous teeth also known as the Milk teeth are the set of teeth present in children. These teeth are present upto the age of 12 in most of the children but can vary in some individuals, There are mainly 5 teeth in each Quadrant in the oral cavity. The teeth missing are ...Read More