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Complete Denture

What is a Complete Denture? Definition: A dental prosthesis which replaces the entire dentition(teeth) and associated structures of maxilla and mandible. It is also known as Full Dentures. Diagnosis in Fabrication of Complete Denture The Steps in Fabrication of Complete Denture Advantages of using a Complete Denture: Mastication: i think this is the main advantage [&hellip

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Muscles of mastication – Origin, Insertion, Function, Nerve and Blood supply

The muscles which are required for mastication or chewing are known as the muscles of mastication. These muscles help mainly in the movement of the mandible and not the maxilla as maxilla is an integral part of the skull and the mandible being the only movable bone in the skull. There are many muscles which [&hellip

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Definition of Mastication: Rhythmic opposition & separation of jaws with the involvement of teeth, lips, cheeks & tongue for chewing of food in order to prepare it for swallowing & digestion.  In simple terms we can describe it as “Grinding of Food into smaller particles to help is easier digestion with the help of teeth, [&hellip

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