Rhythmic opposition & separation of jaws with the involvement of teeth, lips, cheeks & tongue for chewing of food in order to prepare it for swallowing & digestion.

Mastication is also called as Chewing in common words.

Various parts involved:

  • Teeth
  • Tongue
  • Palate
  • Lips / Cheeks

Functions Of Mastication:

Increases surface area for action of enzymes
Stimulates mucosal circulation & keratinisation of mucosa
Increases thickness of periodontal ligament
Stimulates alveolar bone growth

For detailed information on mastication, click on the following Heading to be directed to the detailed post:

  1. Masticatory Forces
  2. Masticatory muscles
  3.  Masticatory Cycle Phases
  4.  Neural Masticatory Receptors
  5.  Neural Control of Mastication
  6. Masticatory Reflexes


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