Dentist Eyes Record books with “10,000 extracted teeth”collection

Extraction is a pretty common procedure we all follow in our Dental clinics, although preserving teeth is being given the utmost important these days.  We all preserve the extracted teeth and either practice on them or give it to students,  Dr. Nizar Rahman thinks differently and has started collecting all the teeth he has extracted overtime which he says is now close to 10,000 and he adds that the collection includes VIP teeth as well.

Originally from Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, Dr. Nizar Abdul Rahman in Abu Dhabi presently has given 5 ‘queer findings’ based on his experience-

dentist with 10000 teeth collection eyeing Indian Limca Records

  • There are people who haven’t brushed fit 15-20 years but want a ‘Hollywood smile’
  • There are patients who don’t trust the Dentists diagnosis and want to remove the wrong tooth
  • Afghan Pathan’s have strongest teeth as they chew food the most number of times
  • “People from India, especially from Kerala don’t turn up at clinic unless it’s very serious. They will try all homely remedies and self-medication, and only if all of this fails they would come. People don’t realise that the sooner they come the better it is to save the tooth. I am not sitting here to extract tooth but to save them.”
  • Filipinos tooth is the easiest to extract as they always consume junk food and it makes teeth very weak
  • Bangladeshis think one will loose eyesight if tooth is extracted
  • “I have noticed a peculiar thing among patients from Pakistan. When anyone comes with a pen in his pocket, he will always have his notion of how things should be done. They won’t listen to me.

The Dentist says that the hobby of collecting and preserving extracted teeth started when he came to Abu Dhabi at the age of 26 where patients were not comfortable to trust a Doctor so young. So as a way to convince the patients he started collecting all the extracted teeth from the past 15 years. With a daily patient count of 10-12 and having 5-7 extractions per day he has  a collection of more than 10,000 extracted teeth eyeing Indian Limca Book of Records.

Dr. Nizar is trying to beat the record currently held by Jibreel Oysul a consultant Dental surgeon from Tamil Nadu having a collection of 10,000 teeth from January 2011. With the current new trends in Dentistry stressing on preserving teeth it is difficult for a new Dentist to get to this number in the future.

Source: Orofacial Chronicle (Aug 2016)

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