Oral Leukoplakia Classification and Staging System

Oral Leukoplakia: It is defined as a predominantly white lesion of the oral mucosa which cannot be characterized as any other definable white lesion.

Floor of the mouth is the are with worst prognosis followed by the tongue and  then Lips. About 50% of the lesions in floor of the mouth show features of epithelial dysplasia, carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma.

Modified Classification for Oral Leukoplakia:

  • L1: Size of Leukoplakia <2 cm
  • L2: Size of Leukoplakia 2-4 cm
  • L3: Size of Leukoplakia > 4cm
  • Lx: Size of Leukoplakia not Specified
  • P0: No Epithelial Dysplasia
  • P1: Distinct epithelial dysplasia
  • Px: Dysplasia not specified in the pathology report

Classification and Staging of Leukoplakia

OLEP (Oral Leukoplakia) Staging System:

Staging system for Oral leukoplakia was designated to determine the Spread of Leukoplakia and the malignanat changes is any seen in the White lesion. L – determines the size of the lesion and P – determines the Dysplastic changes which will further lead to malignancy.

  • Stage 1: L1P0
  • Stage 2: L2P0
  • Stage 3: L3P0 or L1L2P1
  • Stage 4: L3P1

Treatment of Leukoplakia is determined by the stages of Leukoplakia, with the Increase in size and the presence of Dysplasia the prognosis of the lesion is decreased. So early intervention and prevention of further spread of the disease by stopping the etiological factors like beetle Quid Chewing will be helpful.

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