Phobias in Dentistry | What is Dental Fear

Definition of Dental Fear: It is the Fear of Dentistry and fear in specific of receiving dental care.

Visiting a Dentist has been a thing of fear for most of the patients and it is one of the most common types of fear. It is mostly caused because of various misconceptions about dental treatment affecting the eye etc which might lead to fear. It is also due to the fact that there are various sharp and pointy instruments which will be used in such close proximity to your face adding to the fact of a Needle which brings fear in almost every person. Dental fears are divided into many types based on various phobias which we will be describing in detail.

What is Dental Fear Synonyms of Dental Fear:

  1. Dental phobia,
  2. Odontophobia,
  3. Dentophobia,
  4. Dentist phobia,
  5. Dental anxiety

The main difference between Dental Fear and Dental Phobia is:

Dental Fear: It is a fear which is developed after the person has experienced it themselves or has been hearing about the procedures from others and developed an inner fear about Dentists and Dental Procedures.

Dental Phobia: It is a type of Fear which does not have any previous impact on the person and is purely innate without any external influence or previous experience.

Types of Dental Phobia’s | Phobias relates to Dentistry: 

Odontophobia– It is the fear of Dentists, the person gets Sweaty palms cold feet which are the symptoms of Odontophobia.

dentophobiaDentophobia– In precise, it is the fear of undergoing Dental Procedures, or even imagining entering a Dental Clinic and sitting on a Dental Chair.

Halitophobia– It is the fear of having Halitosis or Bad Breath. Here are 10 Guidelines to a Better Breath which will be helpful in eliminating the fear of Halitosis or Bad breath which will even prevent people from talking to people and Socializing more with the fear of getting embarrassed about the Bad breath

Arachibutyrophobia– It is a specific fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. Where the patient experiences that when the peanut butter touches the roof of his mouth he think’s he\she is going to die by suffocating on the peanut butter paste.

Honondasdontiaphobia– This is the Fear of Loosing your Teeth be it generally or in a Dental Clinic, people with this phobia are very attached to their teetha dn are afraid they might loose them and take excess care of their teeth.

Geumaphobia- geumatophobia, geumophobia is a fear of unfamiliar tastes or flavors. And the person suffering will not prefer any new foods and will like to stick to the routine due to the fear of Taste and flavors.

Phagophobia– It is the fear of Swallowing or psychogenic Dysphagia(difficulty in swallowing) without any Physical problem detected by any number of clinical tests. This might lead to fear of eating and will considerably deteriorate the health of the patient if not dealt with.

Sitophobia or Sitiophobia or Cibophobia– Which is the fear of Food or Eating Food. It will prevent patients from taking food and will make them aversive of Food substances and disgusted by the sight and smell of food, which will lead to many health related complications later on.

Tetanophobia– This is a Specific dental related phobia which leads to the patients to fear of a Lock Jaw which means they fear of getting their jaw locked and never open up again. It is a fear of Tetanus which is a bacterial disease which causes Lock Jaw.


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