What is the future of Dental Jobs in India ?

Dental Graduates in India are getting worried about the future of Dentistry and jobs in Dentistry in the near future. There is a very high increase in the scope of Dentistry all around the world, people are more aware now and more concerned about Oral health and have come to know the importance of a good smile in looking beautiful or professional. But the current scene in the market is both difficult and competitive for a new and upcoming dentist.

Earlier a Masters degree or MDS was a good career plan, where a Dentist can get settled in a college as a Senior Lecturer with fixed pay and might even go for consultations in the evening getting a decent pay from both. But it is not the case at present with huge number of MDS graduates passing out each year and lack of vacancies it has become difficult to an extent.

Dental Jobs in India

I have been asked many times what the future of Dentistry is going to be in India because of the huge number of Dental Graduates passing out every year and at the same time new dental colleges coming up rapidly all around India. I personally think that the ratio of Dentists to India will be constant as you know the rapid increase in population is equal to the increase in the number of Dental graduates in India. But with well established clinics having no problem in attracting patients, it is the new and upcoming Dental graduates who are facing problems with competing with established clinics and trying to get through with the high expenditures of setting up a clinic and maintaining it on a monthly basis.

In case you are going to set up a Dental clinic after college you have to follow many Business tactics which i have written a comprehensive post about – Tips and Tricks of Marketing to Improve your Dental Practice – Offline and Online

One thing to look at is that the concentration of Dentists and Dental clinics is mainly targeted at Urban population and when we go to the Rural places the Ratio of Dentists to population is very low and way below par. The most important part in the increasing the number of Dental Jobs in India because of the increase in the number of Dental Clinics and more importantly Dental clinic chains all around India. Dental chains and clinics are using good amount of advertising to look for new graduates to work in Dental clinics and this has made it difficult for an individual Dentist who has set up his or her own clinic to go up against these corporates.

Recently a Dental chain has also started conducting Campus interviews for Interns to recruit in their Dental clinics around the state, for example, we have seen that there are many job vacancies in Bangalore recently which are vacant and this shows that there is no decrease in the number of Jobs for Dental Students.

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