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Local Anesthesia Definition, Composition, Classification, Ideal properties and Complications

Local Anesthesia: Definition: It is a local state of loss of sensation without loss of consciousness, in a circumscribed area of the body due to a depression of, excitation in nerve endings or an inhibition of the conduction process in peripheral nerves. Local Anesthesia is most commonly used in Dental Treatments where ...Read More

Complications of Local Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia is useful in many dental treatment procedures and there are many complications associated with the administration technique and also with the composition of certain components of the agent present like allergic reactions and other conditions which are divided into Local and Systemic. One of the most common Complication seen in ...Read More

List of Syndromes related to Dental conditions

Below i am going to list out the Syndromes which are related to dental problems. These list of Syndromes has been compiled from the various Oral Pathology and Oral medicine textbooks which i followed and will be giving the Syndrome name’s and the various problems which are associated with it. The Syndromes ...Read More

Syndromes related to Skin Diseases

Syndromes related to Skin Diseases: There are many causes of skin diseases which usually appear as a sign and symptom for an underlying disease and in some cases as an allergic reaction as well. In humans skin surface covers most of the body and many types of conditions and diseases are associated ...Read More

Syndromes related to Disease of Blood and Periodontium

Syndromes related to disease of blood are the list of diseases which are related to blood disorders. A Syndrome in general is a term used to describe collective set of medical problems which are seen together with various Signs and Symptoms. It cannot be called as one disease but a concurence (Meaning ...Read More

Syndromes related to Diseases of bones and Joints.

Here is a list of Syndromes related to Diseases of Bones and Joints. Crouzon Syndrome (or) Craniofacial Dysostosis: Prognathic mandible Hypoplastic maxilla High arched palate Parrot beak appearance Hypertelorism Apert Syndrome: Syndactyly involving hands and feet – mitten hands and soc feet It has many features similar to Crouzon syndrome Treacher Collins ...Read More

Syndromes related to Bacterial, Viral and Mycotic infections.

These are Syndromes which are caused due to Bacterial, Viral and Mycotic infections which lead to many diseases which are described as Syndromes which are discussed below. Syndromes related to Bacterial, Viral and Mycotic infections. Heerfordt Syndrome: Uveoparotid fever Behcet’s Syndrome: It has a charecteristic traid of symptoms: Recurrent Oral Ulcers Genital ...Read More

Syndromes related to Salivary gland tumors, Cysts and Tumors of Odontogenic Origin

Syndromes related to Salivary gland tumors, Cysts and Tumors of Odontogenic Origin The list of syndromes related to the Salivary Gland tumors and the Odontogenic tumors of the oral cavity is very limited as there are not many syndromes related to these conditions. As i am sorting out the essential syndromes which ...Read More

Syndromes related to Benign and Malignant Tumors of Oral Cavity

Here is a list of Syndromes related to Benign and Malignant Tumors of the Oral cavity. There are not many tumors associated with tumors of the Oral cavity as most of the tumors are mainly caused due to etiologic factors other than genetic reasons like habits of tobacco, ghutka, infections etc. So here ...Read More

Syndromes related to Developmental Disturbances

Here is a list of Syndromes related to Developmental Disturbances of oral cavity. Syndromes related to Developmental Disturbances: Parry-Romberg Syndrome: Facial Hemiatrophy Vander Woude’s Syndrome: Pits of Lower lip and cleft of palate Ascher’s Syndrome: Acquired double lip Blepharochalasis Non toxic thyroid enlargement. Oro Facial Digital Syndrome: Cleft tongue Clefting of Mandibular ...Read More

Difference between True and Pseudo Cyst

Cyst: It is a pathological cavity containing fluid, semi-fluid or gas, which is usually lined by epithelium and is not formed by the accumulation of pus. True Cyst: A fluid-filled cavity which is lined by epithelium. A cyst can appear in any type of body tissue and it varies in size from ...Read More

List of Cell and Bodies Associated with some Dental Conditions and Diseases

Dental and Oral diseases are pathological conditions which have systemic implications as well. We can see that in case of any disease like even a mild fever there is a change in the amount of cells mostly White Blood cells count in the body. Eosinophils are the most commonly increasing cells in ...Read More

Radiographic Techniques and their Uses in Oral Surgery

Radiographs are the most important Diagnostic aids in Dental practice using the help of which dentists decide the Treatment plan and can consider various options. In Oral Surgery Radiographs play a vital role in determining the treatment plan. Various Radiographic Techniques used in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and their Uses: Intraoral periapical ...Read More

What is the Amount of Saliva Produced from different Salivary Glands

The Quantity of Saliva produced from different Salivary Glands varies from person to person but on an average, the amount of saliva produced by each salivary gland is calculated and has been mentioned here.  Human saliva is 98% water and 2% of other components like Electrolytes, Mucus, Antibacterial compounds and various digestive enzymes ...Read More